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Supporting Independents: Cake Quarter

Supporting Independents: Cake Quarter

It’s Independent Retailer Month, so we wanted to shine a spotlight on some independent businesses in the Jewellery Quarter. Cake Quarter is a bakery that makes beautiful personalised wedding cakes, so do bear them in mind when planning for your big day! To find out more about their service, we got in touch with a few questions…

What Are The Stages Of Choosing A Wedding Cake? 

Choosing your perfect wedding cake (and baker to create it) is a very personalised experience. Wedding cakes have become a work of art and a showpiece for your special day. The easiest way to go about choosing your wedding cake is to arrange a consultation. Our in-house designer will create, and hand sketch a visual step by step explanation. During your consultation, you’ll be shown a range of cakes, with differing sizes, artworks and layouts. You’ll also get a feel for how tall cakes are in real life and what height you’d be comfortable with. We would advise you to arrange a consultation as soon as you have secured your wedding date with your venue.

What Should A Client Prepare Before A Consultation?

We don’t necessarily need you to prepare anything, as you might be unsure in the early stages of planning your wedding. Our wedding cake designer is here to help you, and together during your consultation an initial design is sketched based on discussed ideas. This sketch is just a starting point. If during your wedding planning you want to change and make amendments to your design, you may do so up to a month prior to your wedding date. If you happen to know any specific colours or themes that you would like to incorporate into your design, then please prepare some images as inspiration for your consultation.

How To Choose A Flavour To Satisfy A Variety Of Guests?

We offer a wide range of flavours for you and your guests, which we will go through with yourself during your consultation. We also offer a variety of flavours in our eggless, vegan and gluten free range, which caters for dietary requirements and allergies.

What Trends Do You Find (Décor And Flavour Wise) For A Wedding Day?

Cake trends vary every year. You may choose to have your wedding cake as a statement to stand out on your big day. Alternatively, you may want to incorporate it into a coherent theme. Matching with the rest of your décor or venue. We personally love both – these personal touches are what make your cake so bespoke. Wedding cakes can also provide an element of surprise for your guests. One particular design we made for a lovely couple, revealed a baby scan – lit up with our unique chandelier design.

When it comes to choosing flavours, this is where you can either play it safe, or experiment with a range of flavours that may even trick your guests. For example, choosing to add popping candy to your wedding cake gives the feeling of tiny explosions at the first bite!

Is It Common For Bakeries To Provide Cake Stands And Knives, Or Should A Customer Should Ask?

Cake stands are usually something that is provided to you alongside your wedding cake order. They can vary depending on the cake design, but it’d usually compliment and raise the height of your wedding cake. This is something that can be discussed during your consultation. We don’t provide cake knife sets, but this may be something that either your venue or caterers can provide for you. Alternatively, you may choose to have your own personalised set made. If you do have your own knife set, we’d be more than happy to set it alongside your wedding cake delivery.

How Much Do You Recommend Budgeting For A Cake?

Setting a budget for your wedding cake is a great place to start. During your consultation you will get an idea of costings based on certain designs. From here we can work on a wedding cake that best suits your preference and budget. Our wedding cake prices start from £260 for our petite 3 tier. This price may increase depending on what type of design you go for.


If you’d like to find out more about Cake Quarter, please tap here. 

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