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Professional jewellery cleaning

How to Clean Your Diamond Jewellery at Home


Diamonds are amongst the hardest materials on earth and cannot be scratched as easily as other gemstones – only another diamond can scratch a diamond. That being said, diamond jewellery pieces still require great care and attention to keep them sparkling because as the precious metal the diamond is set in can be scratched.

Diamonds not immune to dirt however and can lose their shine if not cleaned. This is especially true when it comes to wedding and engagement rings, which are often worn daily, as oil, dust and grime can also adhere to the diamond surface and affect its diamond's brilliance.

Along with taking special care to avoid damaging your jewellery, cleaning your jewellery regularly is essential if you want to keep it looking as sparkly as the day you got it. 

It’s also important to remember that a cleaning solution designed exclusively for jewellery is a safe option only if it comes with a guarantee that the solution is suitable for metal or gemstone you intend to use it on. At Sonny’s, we offer a variety of cleaning products that are perfect for maintaining the brilliance of your diamonds.

However, for antique pieces, or pieces with high sentimental value, you may wish to consult a jeweller before attempting to clean your jewellery, so they can advise you on the best way to go about this. For your prize jewels we also suggest a professional clean annually. Although most jewellery can be gently cleaned at home, more delicate items in particular can require specialist cleaning to protect against damage whilst restoring the jewellery to its best condition and ensuring deep cleaning.


How to Clean Your Diamond Jewellery at Home

When cleaning at home, it's important to avoid using bleaches or other hard abrasives. Even if these do not damage the diamond, harsh chemicals can damage the precious metal in which the diamond is mounted. 

A simple solution of soap and water can be as effective and are worth a try, but if in any doubt, it's best to get in touch with a professional jeweller. Of course, you can always contact us to book your full polish and clean with our goldsmiths here at Sonny’s. Once you’ve brought your jewellery in to be cleaned, you’ll be able to collect it again in 2 weeks sparkling like new!

Following the tips below are another effective way to get your jewellery glimmering again:

  1. Add a few drops of washing-up liquid to a lukewarm bowl of water. Extreme temperatures may damage the jewellery, so avoid hot or ice-cold water.
  2. Soak the jewellery for ten minutes to loosen any build-up of dirt and minimise any wiping that may need to be done. 
  3. After ten minutes, gently clean the gold with a soft-bristled brush toothbrush, or a children’s toothbrush. 
  4. Make sure to clean the whole piece of jewellery and get into hard to reach places, remaining gentle the entire time. Be careful not to be rough in fragile places such as the stone’s setting. 
  5. Once you have finished scrubbing, rinse the jewellery thoroughly in clean, lukewarm water to remove soap residue and any other remnants of dirt.
  6. Dry the jewellery thoroughly with microfibre cloth, then leave on a cloth to air dry completely.
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