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Is rose gold jewellery real gold?

Is rose gold jewellery real gold?

Rose Gold

Also known as pink gold or red gold, at some point you would have seen rose gold because of its growing popularity with more and more people wearing this metal, but you may ask yourself is it a real gold? In short, the answer to this question is yes it is real gold. However, although it has pure gold within it, it is not 100% gold. This is sometimes misleading for individuals. Rest assured we will go through what rose gold is as well as the components used to create it.

100% pure gold is very soft therefore the purer the gold you wear, the less durable it becomes. This is why other alloys and components are needed to ensure durability thus enabling you get the most out of your jewellery. 

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is made by combining yellow gold with copper and sometimes silver too. This blend of metals will change the colour and carat of the piece in which it makes. For example, if you were to mix together 75% pure yellow gold with 25% copper you would get 18ct rose gold. And to achieve 14ct rose gold you would mix 58% yellow gold and 42% copper. The copper element of rose gold is what gives it it’s reddish colour.

rose gold

Does rose gold tarnish or darken?

The meaning of tarnish in regards to jewellery is when a piece loses its shine and darkens over time. This is caused mostly by how the individual wears the piece, what metal it is and also any natural chemical reactions with the air. Essentially tarnish casts something that looks like a layer of dirt on outer layer of jewellery and is usually found on antiques or really old pieces.

Rose gold specifically doesn’t tarnish although it can appear darker and maybe a little redder after years and years of daily wear. Tarnish does however happen when the copper part becomes slightly darker but usually not something to worry about.

Some individuals love the idea of their jewellery looking more like an antique than new.

Is rose gold durable?

As we mentioned earlier, gold itself is a very soft metal, which is why there no is jewellery made today of 100% pure gold. It simply wouldn't withstand daily wear and would definitely be destroyed or badly damaged after only a few wears. 

With rose gold, like other golds, the mixture of different alloys, specifically copper, together is what makes rose gold so durable. Rose gold will hold its shape and colour beautifully even after years of daily wear and tear. 

How to clean rose gold

Because rose gold doesn't tarnish cleaning it is a fairly simple task to complete. Dish soap and warm water is all you really need to clean rose gold thoroughly. Get a small container or bowl, fill with warm water and a few drops of dish soap to make a nice bubbly bath. Place your rose gold jewellery inside let it soak for  while. After this, the best tool to use, and something found in all homes, is a soft brush toothbrush. Gently scrub your pieces with the toothbrush, remove from the soap bath and pat try with a microfibre towel.

Is rose gold still in fashion

Rose gold in the recent past has had a surge in popularity, especially with woman because of its "girly" and metallic colour. Here at Sonny's Jewellers rose gold is used in various settings from engagement rings to wedding rings all the way to bracelets, dress rings, necklaces and more. With many individuals coming into our store requesting rose gold on a daily basis, it's definitely still in fashion and is viewed as just as popular as yellow gold or white gold respectfully. Find out why rose gold can be a good choice for wedding rings here. Alternatively take a look at our exclusive range of everything rose gold and see what tickles your fancy.


Rose gold is a beautiful choice for any type of jewellery piece because its durable, easy to look after and most of all looks great on any skin tone. These factors are what makes rose gold highly popular today and gives its wearer a sense of beauty, elegance and sophistication. The best thing to do before purchase a piece of rose gold jewellery is simply to try it on, at Sonny's we have a whole new "Try Me On" function on a lot of our new pieces which means you can get a sense of what the piece you choose may look like on you. And remember we are always happy to help just get in touch.

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