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Is your wedding ring too big? Wedding rings for skinny fingers and big knuckles

Is your wedding ring too big? Wedding rings for skinny fingers and big knuckles

Skinny fingers and big knuckles?

When you try on wedding rings, are you having to force them over your knuckle, then once on your finger your ring feels too loose? Repeatedly having to try on different ring sizes and still having no luck? Then you may be one of those people.

It’s a common problem that we face here at Sonny’s Jewellers all the time, so trust us you are not alone. It’s a common thing, where your fingers are slim and your knuckles are big hence causing problems when searching for your perfect wedding band.

You may ask yourself why do I have skinny fingers and big knuckles. Sadly it’s just the way some of our fingers are built. Although sometimes it could be that your finger was broken previously or you my have a medical problem. But rest assured there are ways around this problem and we can help solve this common issue.


Before choosing your wedding rings, get your finger sized properly

A good option on how to size your finger is using a sizing strap. A sizing strap doesn’t slide on to the finger, over the knuckle, like other traditional ring sizing tools. Instead you place it around your finger, where the ring will actually sit and tighten the strap to a point of comfort. This will give you a good idea of the size of your finger where the ring will actually sit. We also have a downloadable version of this you could use if you are more comfortable measuring yourself at home. Please see "How do I find my ring size?" 

Wider wedding rings

Take a look at wider wedding rings, they sit across more surface of the finger than slimmer rings thus helping them feel more fitted and secure. Be careful and keep in mind its design, as opting for a wide wedding band will help make the ring feel secure, a flat or sharp edge might feel pretty uncomfortable to wear. Trying different court profiles will help you decide which feels better too.

Split wedding bands

Not as popular as the traditional wedding bands most people go for, but non the less just as beautiful and unique, consider wedding bands with a split band design. This sort of design has an opening at the front of the band and will make it easier to get over your knuckle yet still fit your finger with comfort and remain secure.

Hinged wedding rings

This is a great solution with most hinged rings opening up 180⁰ meaning they don’t go over the knuckle at all. Just open the hinge, put it around your finger and close it. As you can imagine, this style of ring will be great to ensure your ring feels secure once  on the finger. Although this solution comes with its drawbacks, such as having an additional component to worry about. The hinge will need looking after and maintained for safety reasons, once every few years, by a professional jeweller to ensure the tension on the hinge remains in working order.

Wearing your wedding ring on the other hand

This could be a simple solution, especially if your wedding ring finger has been broken in the past, hence causing trouble with getting your ring on and off. Comfort should always come first, not tradition. Remember what works for you and your partner wont always work for other couples and you shouldn't feel pressured into thinking it does.

Use cream or lotion

To help your wedding ring get over your knuckle you could simply cream your hand before you attempt to put it on or take it off. Sometimes a little slippery push is the answer to get your ring on and off without any major force or injury to yourself. This tip may seem simple but you'd be surprised with what a little bit of lotion can do.

Final thought

These are definitely some tips and tricks stated that will help you towards finding you wedding ring for the best possible fit. Here at Sonny’s Jewellers we are dedicated in helping you get just that and we will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your choice of wedding ring completely. From design all the way through to comfort and maintenance of one of the most important pieces of jewellery in your collection.

Simply just try to keep an open mind when it comes to choosing your wedding ring. Time and thought is a big component of making the right decision for you and your partner.

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