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Should I buy a light, medium or heavy weight wedding ring?

Should I buy a light, medium or heavy weight wedding ring?

Choosing your wedding bands

Wedding rings, in simple terms, are bands of gold, but even with the simplest of designs comes a variety of weights and widths to think about.

Choosing the weight of your wedding ring should mostly come down to how comfortable it feels on your finger, also how it feels sitting next to your engagement ring. However, there are many other factors that will go into which one you choose.

The weight of the wedding band will increase or decrease the actual thickness of the band too. Typically a light weight band is 1.3mm thick, a medium band is 1.7mm thick and a heavy band is 2.1mm thick. However wedding bands do range from 2mm to 8mm, so your sure to find the perfect one for you as there are many to choose from.

The thickness of the band will also depend on the ring size. For example, imagine your ring size is Z (one of the largest), a heavy band will not be as thick as a band that’s a smaller size because as a larger size the metal is stretched to create the larger size, so it may not feel as heavy although they are both definitely the same weight, so that’s something to also keep in consideration.

Light Weight

A light weight wedding band is also known as a low profile band, which measures at typically 1.3mm in thickness. It’s typically the least expensive due to the fact it doesn’t use that much metal being the slimmest of the three, in turn making it the most affordable in any metal you choose. Another advantage of this band is that it’s wearer will find it much less noticeable and more comfortable on the finger when they are closed together or clenched.

This weight band is usually worn by individuals that don’t usually wear jewellery due to it being so comfortable. However when chosen for a woman to wear, it’s wise to take in to consideration the engagement ring and how well the two will sit together.

Medium Weight

A medium weight wedding band is the most popular of the three weights, measuring at typically 1.7mm in thickness. This weight offers a great balance with it not being too light or too heavy. It’s also very popular with the ladies since most standard engagement rings are the same thickness, meaning it will go well with your engagement ring. It’s always good to check this though.

A medium weight wedding bad is also the best choice for engraving opportunities. This is because it is the right thickness to engrave with out weakening the band itself. For example, engraving a light weight wedding band will weaken the structure thus making the ring more prone to damage or breakage.

Heavy Weight

Another popular choice for the gentlemen, the heavy weight wedding band typically measuring 2.1mm in thickness. For a chunky and weighty feel, or to be able to add addition inset diamonds or gemstones, this weight wedding band is perfect. As you can imagine, the band will be thicker giving more room to set diamonds or gemstones effectively.


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Get a heavy weight band at a fraction of the price

If you are on a budget but want a heavy weight wedding band, there's no need to worry, you can still get a heavy weight band at the fraction of the cost if you consider other metals. Take a look at the two options below.

Considering Palladium - Palladium is much more durable than platinum and gold and will cost a fraction of the cost due to it being lighter in weight.

Considering Titanium - You can also consider Titanium options as this metal allows for more personalisation at a fraction of the cost whilst still remaining heavy, wide and solid looking.

You can read more about precious metals used in wedding rings here.

Engraving Options

Whether you want to add the special wedding date, each others names, or even the date you both met, engraving is also a very popular addition to wedding rings. For engraving we do suggest you choose either a medium or heavy weight band. This will allow for the engraving to be done without adding unnecessary stress or weakening to the band itself.


We, here at Sonny’s, know that as a couple choosing your forever wedding rings is a sensitive and timely experience that you want to get right because it’s such a special item. Bear in mind the above information when making that huge decision and please feel free to discuss any further questions you may have by contacting us or popping into store. One of our highly trained staff will gladly assist you in choosing which wedding band weight is perfect for you.

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