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Which gemstone is suitable for me on my birthday?

Which gemstone is suitable for me on my birthday?

Gemstones are and will always be a lovely gesture to wear as many people believe they have meaning and actual spiritual connections behind them. And that’s totally fine, if you are into that. It's also acceptable to wear any gemstone you like. Let's go into the history of gemstones to get an overview of where and how it all started.

Where it all started

Gemstones date back to as early as 300BC so you can imagine that they have been used for a range of different things by ancient civilisation. 

As early as the first century people have believed that every gemstone is associated and has a connection with each month of the year. This is highly believable for individuals as there are 12 main precious gemstones within the priestly breastplate, 12 months in the year and 12 zodiac signs too. The meanings behind each stone has varied over time but to wear a single gemstone dedicated to your birth month is only a few centuries old. The list we know today was created in 1912 by Jewellers of America.


Birthstones are initially gemstones that are associated with each month of the year. Each stone has their own unique and interesting meaning for their respective month. Typically each month will have only one gemstone associated with them, but as time has gone on some months have two or more gemstones because other gemstones have been established. This in turn makes a gemstone that much more important and significant to its wearer because it actually means something to them. They are great as gifts to add a personalized touch whether it's a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace or even a bracelet.

Below we will discuss what gemstone goes with which birth month and what each stone symbolises and represents too. For an additional bit of information I will also tell you which wedding anniversary each go with aswell.

January – Garnet

Garnets are typically a deep shade of red, although they can be found in other colours such as greens, yellows and even sometimes blue. The garnet is very popular for all types of jewellery as they are highly favoured by most to be truly beautiful and extremely durable. The garnet family is considered the most complex gemstone as it consists of many other variants. It symbolises protect, vitality and love. (2nd Wedding Anniversary)

garnetgarnet drop earringsGarnet pendantgarnet drop pendant

February – Amethyst

An amethyst can be found in many shades of purple, from a transparent purple to even a reddish-purple. It’s a very hard gemstone with a Mohs hardness of 7 making it very scratch resistant and durable. An amethyst is considered a semi-precious gemstone which is given to gems that are lesser in value compared to those in the precious gemstone category. Amethyst symbolises healing, spirituality and mental clarity. (33rd Wedding Anniversary) 

amethyst ringamethyst studsamethyst pendantGarnet and diamond ring

March – Aquamarine

Aquamarine was given it's name because it resembles the cool blue tones of the sea. It's colour can vary from an extremely pale blue to a bluey green colour, the deeper the shade of blue the more expensive and wanted the aquamarine becomes. It symbolises mental happiness and intellect. (19th Wedding Anniversary)

 aquamarine and diamond pendantaquamarine and diamond studsaquamarine and diamonds pendantaquamarine ring

April – Diamond

A diamond is the most sought after stone in the world making it the most popular choice and a status symbol. Used commonly for engagement rings and wedding bands but also has meaning for those born in April. The best diamonds are clear in colour with little to no flaws, but can be commonly found at a cheaper rate if it does have inclusions and flaws. It symbolises strength and eternal love. (60th Wedding Anniversary)

 Diamond ringdiamond studsdiamond pendantdiamond tennis bracelet

May – Emerald

A beautiful velvety-green in colour and has always been, the emerald. It is classed as one of the most popular gemstones including sapphire, diamond and ruby. Can sometimes be found in lighter shades of green too but highly sought after when it's a deep green. It symbolises heightened intelligence and promotes healing. (55th Wedding Anniversary)

emerald and diamond ringemerald pendantemerald studsemerald ring

June – Pearl/ Alexandrite

Pearls are extremely rare to come by naturally, due to being the only gemstone found in a living creature, so many of today's pearls on the market are cultivated or cultured. Beautifully round and smooth with an iridescence colour to them. They symbolise honesty, wisdom and purity. (30th Wedding Anniversary)

pearl pendantpearl pendantpearl ringpearl studs

July – Ruby

One of the most popular gemstone is the ruby. Its colour is always red which can reach immensely vivid levels of red, and in doing so makes them the most record high prices seen within the gemstone community. Seen as a precious gemstone, the ruby is durable and stunning. They symbolise strength and stamina. (40th Wedding Anniversary)

Ruby drop earringsruby studsruby ringruby ring

August – Peridot

Depending on the peridots source, it is always green in colour but can have considerable variations such as yellow and olive-brown colours. The peridot is one of a few gemstones that occur only in one colour. They symbolise protection during the night time, happiness and peace. (16th Wedding Anniversary)

peridot ringtwo peridot ringperidot drop earringsperidot studs

September – Sapphire

Still today, the sapphire holds the gemstone community attention. A popular choice and the term mostly associated is a blue sapphire however sapphires can come in many other colours as well as clear. Known for their beautiful colour and durability. They symbolise protection from bad intentions and envy. (45th Wedding Anniversary)

pink sapphire pendantsapphire studsthree sapphire studssapphire leaf shaped pendant

October – Opal /Pink Tourmaline

Opals are the most delicate gemstones that require special care but still remain commonly worn. They are extremely unique as no two are the same, each has its own unique patterns. With mesmorising patterns this gemstone is unlike any other making it different and highly sought after. They symbolise light, magic and healing. (34th Wedding Anniversary)

Opal pendantOpal and diamond ringOpal and diamond drop earringsPink tourmaline pendant

November – Citrine

Usually yellow to an orangey-red tone, the Citrine is more of an earthy tone coloured gemstone and is becoming more and more popular because of their rarity. Usually found relatively clear and inclusion free. It symbolises healing, relief and happiness. (13th Wedding Anniversary)

 Citrine ringcitrine pendantmarquise cut citrine ringCitrine stud earrings

December – Topaz / Tanzanite

The topaz, which is the least expensive gemstone, is usually colourless or a very pale blue. Its then treated in a lab to give it a more vivid blue colour. A tanzanite however is the complete opposite and can only be found in Tanzania making it rare and hard to come by. Topaz gemstone symbolises wealth and attraction of gold. (4th Wedding Anniversary)

Blue topaz ringtopaz pendanttanzanite pendanttanzanite studs

Final Thoughts

It’s lovely to have some sort of meaning behind a piece of jewellery that you wear or that’s bought for someone as a personalised gift but gemstones don't have to necessarily be purchased with their meanings in mind. Many individuals wear any gemstone that they fancy which is fine too. There are no rules when it comes to wearing jewellery, making them all completely versatile pieces for any and every one to enjoy wearing their own way. Are you looking for a gemstone piece? Check out our gemstone collection and feel free to ask any other questions on our contact us page.

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