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What is the most common engagement ring size?

What is the most common engagement ring size?

Here in the UK the most common sizes for engagement rings are 'L' for average size and height ladies and 'Q' is the most common  for men. But, because every individual is built differently it’s not as simple to just go for the most common engagement ring size. If you were to do so, it's probably not going to fit as well as you'd like it. It's going to take some real thought and time when browsing engagement rings without knowing your partners actual size. Below we will go through some frequently asked questions we get here at Sonny’s Jewellers when individuals wish to surprise their partner with an engagement ring, then we will go over what we recommend you to do before choosing that perfect ring with a few tips and tricks.

Choosing an engagement ring size when you don’t know your partners size?

Here at Sonny’s Jewellers we commonly get individuals asking for the most common engagement ring sizes because they want to keep their plans of engagement secret, which is completely understandable and a lovely traditional way to go about engagement.

Choosing a mid-size ring will make things a lot easier when you are unsure what size you need, because a mid-size ring can be adjusted two sizes up and/or two sizes down if it doesn’t fit. Bear in mind that a mid-size ring size will differ because everyone is built differently. Take into account your partners size in general such as height and weight.

For additional help please see “How to find my ring size?” where you can find information about ring re-sizing here at Sonny’s as well as other useful information and downloadable templates on how to measure ring sizes. With the template mentioned, you are able to download it, print it and then use it to get a more accurate ring size.

When guessing the ring size which style ring is best?

When you are guessing your partners ring size its best to go for an engagement ring that isn’t too detailed or patterned. The reason being, if you choose a ring size that’s smaller than the actual size in which is needed, when the ring is eventually resized to fit properly, issues may arise. For example, the pattern could be destroyed upon resizing, or some of the details could be lost resulting in the original ring looking completely different to how it looked previously. Engraving should also be put on hold as this too will be damaged when re-sizing a ring.

Here at Sonny’s we do recommend that when you don’t know the ring size you require, you need to pick a band that’s plain. In addition to this you could then choose a regular claw setting or prong setting. It’s also wise to choose an engagement ring with a thicker band as when resizing occurs it will cause less, if any, structural changes to the ring. Staff are always at hand for this type of dilemma and can help you along the way of choosing your perfect ring. Book an appointment with us or visit us in-store, we are always happy to help in any way we can.

Is it wise to guess the ring size smaller or larger?

We would highly recommend that when guessing your partners ring size you go slightly bigger in size because your partner will be able to wear the ring instead of not being able to get it on when it’s too small. In the event that the ring will need to be resized we offer free resizing, so long as you have your receipt with you. We resize for free when the ring size needs to either go up two sizes or down two sizes giving you plenty of wiggle room to ensure there are no additional costs after purchasing the engagement ring.

Is there a ‘normal finger’ size?

There’s no such thing as a normal finger size. Everybody has different ring sizes as well as different experiences because we are all built differently and each of us go through different things. Many people experience swelling in their hands when the weather is warm, thus making their rings that used to fit great, feel rather tight. As well as when its colder, fingers tend to slim down due to the cold weather thus making their rings feel loose. Some individuals also have big knuckles and skinny fingers which will also cause difficulties when choosing ring sizes.

Getting your ring resized

As mentioned above, getting your ring resized can create issues when the ring in question has engraving or diamond settings along the band. We do, here at Sonny’s resize rings two sizes up and two sizes down at no extra cost. If your ring needs to be resized any more than that it could damage your ring resulting in it having to be remade which would also come at an additional cost.

Final thoughts

Choosing to surprise your partner with an engagement ring shouldn’t be a daunting experience and it doesn’t have to be. Carefully taking into consideration the above, will help you drastically, so there shouldn’t be too much to worry about. And besides that, here at Sonny’s we will help guide you along the way ensuring you make the perfect decision for you.

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